Pachermo Peaks

Trip Overview This peak lies south of the Tesi Lapcha and, when seen from the pass the mountain is really attractive. It is a straightforward snow peak first climbed in 1955 along a well defined north-by-northwest ridge rising from a relatively flat, but crevassed, glacier that is still the main route to the summit. The Rolwaling valley is the main access to Parchamo, We climb north-east of the icefall of Tesi Lapcha, setting up a high camp just below rock walls at 5,500m. From this camp we gain the ridge of Pachermo, following it without much difficulty - but watching for crevasses which can cause problems near the summit.

Itinerary in Detail
Day 01 Transfer Kathmandu to Dolokha and camp1650m
Day 02. Trek to Suri Doban
Day 03 Trek to Gongar 1400m
Day 04 Trek to Shakpa 2600m
Day 05 Trek to Chukyibung Kharka 3800m
Day 06 Trek to Beding 3700m
Day 07 Trek to Na 4200m
Day 08 Trek to Yalung valley
Day 09 Trek to Ramdung Base camp
Day 10 Rest and acclimatization
Day 11 Climb Ramdung Peak 5930m and return to Base camp
Day 12 Trek to Samgmo 4310m
Day 13 Trek to Hacha Dubgog 5000m
Day 14 Cross Trashi Laptsa 5755 and camp nearby the pass
Day 15 Climb Pachermo Peak 6273m and back to camp at nearby the pass
Day 16 Spare day to meet the weather condition for climbing activities
Day 17 Trek to Ngole 4650m
Day 18 Trek to Thame 3800m
Day 19 Trek to namche Bazaar
Day 20 Trek to Likla
Day 21 Fly Lukla / Kathmandu