Trekking Grades

All our trips are graded from GENTLE to STRENUOUS+ and highlight the difference between trips. Trip grading should be considered as a guide only; they are general indications considering relevant factors including length, conditions and altitude and are designed to give you an idea of the participation required on any given trip. Trips strenuous for some are quite easy for others. Pre-travel conditioning is very desirable as the more prepared you are, the more you will enjoy the trip. The most important attributes for any adventure travel trip are a positive mental attitude, a spirit of adventures, a sense of humor and a willingness to try new and different experiences.

Grade 1 - Gentle
This trip includes a combination of city tour, easy white water rafting and elephant back safari. Nothing is strenuous in this activity, if active participation is too difficult, you can simply relax in the raft and enjoy the exciting float.

Grade 2 - Leisurely
This trip generally involves an average of five to six hours walk in a day up and down in the Nepalese hills. Active persons will find it easy while reasonably fit people find them more exhilarating. This rating is for less than 10 days walk and below 3000 meters. Remember that the fitter you are, the more you will enjoy.

Grade 3 - Moderate
These trips are not so hard either. The elevation comes below 5000 meters and the duration of these trips is 12-19 days. Any reasonably active person should be able to manage these trips.

Grade 4 - Strenuous
Extremely demanding treks sometimes in very remote areas on rough terrain and perhaps including (in Nepal) one or more of the so-called 'trekking peaks' - maximum altitude, Mt. Mera at 6,461m/21,192ft. participants should have at least a basic knowledge of use of crampons and ice axes, though first time climbers may be accepted on some of the so-called 'easy' routes on these peaks. Medical certificates are required prior to acceptance on any climbing treks.